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The OMPlanet is a financially and politically independent, non-proprietary endeavour. Currently it is supported by The Hamaspyur Foundation but the independent sustainable growth will be possible only when the community and interested organisations will join and support the efforts. The free will of people will keep the project running for as long as the project is useful.

Everyone is welcome to make contributions. Micro-funding is as welcome as macro-funding. What matters is that you are willing to participate and support the growth of such initiative. You can make a donation online, using the button below if you have a PayPal account or a credit card. There are also other ways to donate, including bank transfer, stocks or using Bitcoin.


Transparent Funding Strategy

We receive and distribute the funds transparently. The list of all donations and all expenses of each project will be publicly available in the web site for everyone to view, so that the community will be able to trace the incoming finances and their fair distribution (donors can remain anonymous if they wish but the amount of the donation will be published to keep the count).