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FreeSonar - Mobile GeoSocial Networking

We are currently creating the FreeSonar mobile geo-social networking application to connect People, Places and Events of OMPlanet ecosystem.

FreeSonar is a free software that enables people to freely communicate and share activities in real life, real time and near proximity. In practice, using their mobile phones or desktop PCs, users will be able to do the following:

  • geolocate people, POI (places of interests), real time events or activities in their near proximity.
  • socialize with people with similar interests. Find each other by location, by interest or by common activity and safely communicate. The FreeSonar provides tools for free and secure social networking/microblogging using OMPlanet free web services and interoperable with other federated social networks.
  • self-organize activity or an event. Users can publish real-time information about their current activity in their current location, initiate new activities, organize events or look for real-time events happening around them, or publish a demand for a specific type of event in a given area.
  • ride sharing. If a user is driving somewhere with his personal car and is willing to share available free seats, the Sonar can assist in real time to find other people going in the same direction and offer to share the ride (and the other way around - to assist hitch-hikers to find a ride).
  • travel sharing. Users can finding travellers in their neighborhood, share their ongoing or future travel plans, organize or join to a trip and later share the experiences.
  • room sharing. Users who have available living space for a short time stay can offer their "couch" to travelers. Travelers can search for places available to stay around them (sharing here is not for money like in guest houses but mostly motivated by cultural exchange and sharing).
  • and more...

FreeSonar is designed to be interoperable with other similar open services and applications, carefully considers users freedom, privacy and security providing them maximal control of their visibility, ownership of personal data and independence from proprietary services.

OMPlanet Web Services

Status: in design process.

FreeSonar for Android

Status: development in progress.

FreeSonar for iPhone

Status: waiting for Android version.

FreeSonar for Windows Mobile

Status: waiting for Android version.

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