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OMPlanet is An Initiative to Co-create a Self-Governing Multidimensional Network Ecosystem of interconnected social, economic and ICT systems owned and governed by its members:

  • to help people to self-organise, co-create harmonious living environments and thriving communities,
  • to support continual interaction between people, spaces and activities at local and global scales,
  • to gather a new Flower of Life - an interconnected global matrix of people, groups and collectively contributed resources from many different dimensions.

This is both a revolutionary ICT and a revolutionary societal project incorporating new solutions from both fields:

  • In the ICT field it is an effort to create a network ecosystem of interoperable platforms to provide a decentralized medium for free communication, exchange of social media, participatory decision making, activity planning, collaboration and value exchange. An open source distributed software with open protocols that is developed and managed by its owning members. Focus on federation of ownership, interoperability between different dimensions of services and careful consideration of users' privacy preferences. As a result to trigger a seamless flow of free interaction.
  • In the Social field it is an initiative to create a new organization owned and governed by its participant members, with chaordic principles. It has the practical goal to interconnect all independent intentional communities worldwide, youth/spiritual/ecological NGOs, non-formal educational institutions, caring and inspired individuals with a new, holistic vision of life, people dealing with innovative solutions for global civil society, sustainable co-living, holistic human well-being, and other related areas.

This project does not promote one particular philosophy or vision. The creation of favorable conditions for solutions to emerge is the essential goal, and it therefore does not try to influence the decision-making power of individuals. This only aims at providing free tools of interaction, cooperation and sharing, to increase the visibility and connectivity between the ordinary and caring people free from command-and-control organisations and acting spontaneously, guided by their common sense, to let them self-organize and find the right vector of growth.

While this is a clean slate design and there is much space for creativity, many similar projects are emerging in the scene. Some examples of this include: federated/decentralised/p2p social networks, p2p file sharing tools, real life transport/ride sharing web sites, p2p couch/garden/garage/car sharing and renting web sites, participatory democratic decision making platforms, eGovernance platforms, crowd-funding/micro-funding platforms, non-monetary value exchange systems, virtual currency or bartering, in the social field: sustainable eco-villages and communes, experimental settlement projects, etc.

The OMPlanet Organisation

OMPlanet has the principles of chaordic organisation owned and governed by its participant members. It is initiated by an independent team of volunteer researchers who are working to implement participatory democratic processes of self-organisation and distributed ownership through the use of ICT solutions.

The OMPlanet organisation is entirely transparent or open source. By design it will guarantee that there will be no profit-driven company owning or controlling OMPlanet in a centralized way. No one will become a single shareholder to receive direct credits or provide direct goods on behalf of OMPlanet. The ICT systems will be based on free software platforms with interoperable protocols open to all communities, organizations and individuals. To organize itself it will need an administrative core that will act transparently and rely on its members' voluntary contributions and will take into full account their decision-making power. The free will of people will keep the project running for as long as it is useful.

The informal purpose of the initiative is to project a vision of fair and just human affairs into all areas of human activity, to empower individuals to self-organize into sustainable communities and to live in harmony with themselves and with the environment: Together, we have the ability to transform societies and governments by putting them into the hands of many more individuals, by providing them the freedom to self-organize and co-create sustainable and harmonious life on this wonderful planet Earth. And we are not dreamers, we want to live it during our lives and we offer rational solutions for it.