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Consistent evolution of the OMPlanet ecosystem and collaboration of people and communities through its means can be realised only if 1) the technical platforms are properly developed 2) several target communities are actively involved using key applications and services and 3) a process has started to interconnect more actors from different domains across different platforms to bring a seamless flow of interaction.

As initial planets and inhabitants of the ecosystem we have selected to involve the following communities:

  • World wisdom councils - The WorldShift Network initiated by The Club of Budapest which already connects plenty of organizations and individuals worldwide with the focus on "unity of humanity and nature", "global subsistence economy", "participative civil society", "salutogenesis" and other progressive fields.
  • Sustainable communities - The Global Ecovillage Network with more then 3000 sustainable co-living settlements worldwide.
  • Intentional communities - Rainbow Gatherings temporary gatherings of up to 30 000 people several times a year held in outdoor settings, people all over the world connected by the ideals of peace, love, harmony, freedom and community.
  • NGOs and constructive activists - EU Youth in Action with over 110 000 young people organizing activities with subjects of non-formal learning, active citizenship, solidarity, tolerance, etc.
  • Libertarian ICT communities - LibrePlanet, Lorea, Diaspora, etc.