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Sustainable living and community studies

  • New Earth Project - Uniting humankind in a common cause promoting self-determination, freedom and prosperity amongst all people of the world. we offer beautiful homes in enchanting locations, within fractal communities of conscious people.
  • Green Century Institute - Evolving sustainable communities through education, events, and consulting support.
  • Design Earth Synergy - To design, develop, and support a global network of Community Vision Planning Centers.
  • International Communal Studies Association (ICSA) - To provide a common framework for a scholarly exchange of information regarding communal life; communes, intentional communities , kibbutzim and other collective communities throughout the world.
  • Reference Articles - By the Fellowship for Intentional Communities
  • Sustainable Communities - The Sustainable Communities Network website connects citizens with the resources they need to implement innovative processes and programs to restore the economic, environmental, and social health and vitality of their communities. It addresses a wide range of issues related to community sustainability, including creating communities, smart growth, growing a sustainable economy, protecting natural resources, living sustainably, and governing communities.
  • The Federation of Damanhur - An eco-society: a federation of communities and eco-villages with their own social and political structure in continual evolution. A centre for spiritual, artistic and social research.


  • The City of Twelve - A collective vision of a new city, virtual or real, which is to be one of the many communes of new consciousness. A space for New Humans to grow in Truth, Love and Freedom.

Research Works and Statistical Studies of Social Groups in Society

Non-formal educational organizations

  • Gaia University - contributes to co-create, with myriad partners, a thriving ecosocial economy in which millions can make their livings independent of the current ecosocially destructive dominant culture.
  • Seeducation - Youth Organization. Helps people and organisation make money from doing good. Training, Coaching and Consulting.
  • SEEd - Sustainability and Environmental Education (SEEd) is a charity organization that identifies, promotes and supports environmental education and education for sustainable development in the UK.

Innovative research institutions

  • Foresight Institute - Promoting transformative technologies.
  • The Institute of Noetic Sciences - Broadening our knowledge of the nature and potentials of mind and consciousness and applying that knowledge to enhancing human well-being and the quality of life on the planet.
  • Singularity University - Leveraging the power of exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges.
  • Healing Cities - Creating healthy, sustainable cities.

ICT social platforms

Governmental innovations

Political studies

Related Study Courses, Trainings and Conferences

Directories of intentional communities

Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing communities, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, intentional living, alternative communities, cooperative living, and other projects where people strive together with a common vision.

  • Global Ecovillage Network, (GEN) - "A growing network of sustainable communities, ecovillages, transition town initiatives, intentional communities, and ecologically-minded individuals worldwide."
  • icdb.org - A self-serve, open, free, multi-lingual and paperless database/directory, serving intentional communities, and their organizations, individuals and groups searching for intentional communities.
  • Fellowship for Intentional Community, Communities Directory - "Promoting Community Living and Cooperative Lifestyles Across North America."
  • The Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC) - "A union of egalitarian communities which have joined together in our common struggle to create a lifestyle based on equality, cooperation, and harmony with the earth."
  • Cohousing - "Cohousing communities bring together the value of private homes with the benefits of more sustainable living."

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