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The Conversation Prism by Brain Solis and JESS3. Example of a flower interface to represent differnt domains of social media.


Starwheel is a concept for a new type of community based taxonomy system (folksonomy) with interactive user interfaces for multidimensional social media.

Starwheel serves as a semantic core shared across different dimensions of OMPlanet ecosystem. It provides linking of tags with social media, people, places, events and other dimensions of OMPlanet.


Each user or community creates categories of selected contents creating a new taxonomy for its interest domain called a Seed of Life. The system integrates the user-centric taxonomies into the main multi-domain taxonomy called Flower of Life.

The contents are collected and rated collaboratively by the communities of different interest domains.


The Flower of Life Interfaces provide intuitive navigation for multidimensional structured data, mainly targeted towards mobile devices with limited screen area and with direct touch interaction. The intuitive geometric structures are representable in 2D and 3D graphics accessible from any modern web browser or mobile browser.

Open standards of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) (to create two-dimensional interactive graphics) and Web-based Graphics Library (WebGL) (to generate interactive 3D objects) are used. And the ontology mappings of social media, ideally, will be done using W3C proposed recommendations of Ontologies for Media Resources.

A prototype example is presented in here.


The Starwheel system offers an integrated thematic search in carefully selected user data.

The Internet now is an overflow of information coming from multitudes of different social media channels. The standard keyword based searching has its limitations when it comes to searching of multimedia content for particular interest domain. The user-based collaborative tagging, annotating and rating of multimedia content provides us new solutions how to solve the problem.


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