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Flower Hamaspyur - is a mythical flower. In middle age Armenia it was mentioned as a symbol of since, wisdom and eternal youth, and its fragrance as having healing and vitalizing characters. It has 12 petals/branches with different colors for different directions of science/life, and from each opens a new flower again with 12 petals/branches. In Armenian the word Hamaspyur has the same meaning as the word Diaspora - spread all around. Its petroglyphs are found in mountains. It is mentioned in the works of A. Shirkatsi, in Rigveda as Soma (Haoma), it is related to the "Flower of Life" sacred geometry pattern.

The Hamaspyur Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to facilitating sustainable growth projects of different communities and individuals worldwide, to connect people of inspiration with new friends, and to help communication between communities.

We are creating ICT platforms of collective awareness, activity sharing and crowdfunding of community projects.

You can support the initiatives of Hamaspyur Foundation through many ways. Please contact us to find your way to make your contribution.

Current Projects

  • Open Media Planet (OMPlanet) - A Chaordic Multidimensional Network Ecosystem of interconnected social and technical platforms owned by its members. To help people to self-organise themselves to create sustainable living environments and communities.
  • Hamaspyur Social Network - A new collaborative social network for Armenians worldwide. An environment where they can find common areas of interests, cooperate and organize activities.
  • Harmony House - A non-formal educational, research and well-being center. To support individual growth and highlight best methods of self-education.